4 Brush Application Tips for a Flawless Eye Look


My biggest request I get when it comes to makeup application tips is an eye shadow tutorial. It can get very overwhelming with so many palettes out there to choose from. Once you finally pick one, you find yourself in front of your vanity wondering if you should have paid more attention in that painting class you took in school. Not to worry- you don’t need an art degree to take your look from basic to beautiful! 

All you need are a few tools of the trade as well as some highly pigmented and bendable shadows to create a stunning eye look!

You might shy away from using shadows that have bold hues but you have to take note that it’s all in your application. You can go bold or subtle depending on your brush selection and how much product you pick up from your shadow.

You can make a subtle or bold statement with the new Beautycounter Statement eyeshadow palette. These are artist quality palettes formulated with clean ingredients and long wearing performance so you can be rest assured that is safe for the delicate skin around the eyes. 


In this video, I created a subtle day look using unconventional hues of deep violet, turquoise and gold pewter foil. 


Here are my 4 brush application tips for a flawless eyeshadow look


  • Use the Allover Eye Brush for lighter/matte colors for your base hue first. (Remember to tap off excess powder each time your dip your brush in powder for less fall out.)
  • Use the Crease Eye brush to define the crease and add depth to your eyes. Make sure to not use large strokes - keep them short so that you don't wipe all over the lid. You want to concentrate the deeper crease color in that area. 
  • Use your Allover Eye Brush again for your bold or shiny lid color. Make sure to wipe off the previous color on a tissue. Use the flat part of the brush to gently pack on the color from the palette and then pat it gently on your lid - don’t wipe. This will help to decrease the amount of fallout on the cheek and under the eye. 
  • Use the Precision brush to apply shadow to the bottom lash line. Lastly, use the Precision brush to apply the highlighter color to in the inner corner to add some light.



With the launch of our new eye shadow palettes, I was asked to do some tutorials! Check out the one below of my take on the Statement Palette! 

{My new brush set was on it’s way in the mail, so this video was filmed using the brushes I had on hand.}

Stay tuned for my next tutorial with the brand new brushes that just launched this week! Message me for more info on these gorgeous palettes and supreme brushes. 


See you next time!






New brushes https://www.beautycounter.com/products/makeup?filters=82

New brushes https://www.beautycounter.com/products/makeup?filters=82