ESSENTIALS for an easy HEALTHY beach Picnic

In Celebrating the 4th of July, I have put together a list of my beach picnic essentials! I have been trying to get to the beach more often ever since the weather has been warming up. I recently helped plan a family reunion picnic at Torrance Beach here in LA. We had so much fun as I also met my new nephew! It was so much more memorable than being cooped up at the house. Here are the essentials I brought for the day:

My packing list for an easy and healthy lunch at the beach/pool:

Outfit: I love to layer a swimsuit under some denim shorts or a romper and a kimono. Slip on some flip flops and grab a hair tie, sun hat and sunglasses. 

Pack these food items in a cooler or one of those thermal bags:

  • hummus and crackers. My favorite is this cilantro jalapeño recipe and I love pairing it with Simple Mills gluten free crackers. You can prep the hummus a day or two before and then just put it in a to-go container. If you don’t feel like making it from scratch, Trader Joe’s has one that’s delicious too.
  • sandwiches, I usually make my own since it can be hard to find a gluten free sandwich option but if you’re in a hurry just pick up a sandwich from your local Sprouts/Whole Foods or sandwich shop. 
  • ice in plastic baggies
  • cold La Croix or other cold sparkling beverage and insulated water bottle
  • napkins

Other essentials for your beach bag:

I hope this was a helpful basic list. Of course you will need a few more essentials if you are bringing kids and pets with you. Everything can fit into one large beach bag and one large food tote. For me, it was hard to just get up and go since packing for the beach can be a chore. After I had these essentials I felt more prepared so I hope this list inspires you to get outside this summer!

xo, Roxie